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My Jeep started life as a stock, '97 Wrangler. New, purchased in May of '97. It's been off road since about 1 week after I got it, but the real fun began just a few years ago. Let's just say I've been bit pretty hard by the bug...but I think I've got it under control now! (Right??)

List of mods:

  • 3" Teraflex System Suspension Lift
  • 32" x 11.50 BFG A/T KO tires
  • Sun Rock Rails (had to replace the factory steps I lost in the Poconos)
  • ARB Compressor
  • ARB Air Lockers Front and Rear
  • 3.73 Gearing
  • Warn 6" Trail Flares
  • Besttop Soft Half Doors
  • Besttop Duster
  • Genuine Mopar Add-A-Trunk
  • Bikini top

Future Enhancements:

  • Skid plate upgrades
  • Swing-away spare tire carier
  • ARB winch bumper

How does that saying go...

Most of the work has been done by OK Auto, 4wd & Tire in Stewartsville, NJ
(Great job guys!)

I am using an Olympus D-490 digital camera with a 64meg Smartmedia card. This allows me to take about 120 high quality photos (1600x1200).

Recent Trips and Photos
June 27th-30th, 2002 - 1st Pocono Big Boulder Jeep Jamboree - Big Boulder Ski Area
The 1st annual Poconos Big Boulder Jeep Jamboree. This was my second year helping out. This time on all new trails.
~55 Photos, 800x600

February 24th, 2002 - BMJA Larch Trail Pre-Run - Big Boulder Ski Area
Larch: One of two pine species that loose their needles in the winter.
Mud: A nasty, sticky substance that attracts jeepers...
~90 Photos, 640x480

June 14th-17th, 2001 - Penns Woods Jeep Jamboree - Bradford, PA
Pictures of the Jeep Rodeo and the Klondike Trail. I managed to ramp a 906...is that good??? ;)
~50 Photos, 800x600

May 31st - June 3rd, 2001 - 5th Annual Pococno Jeep Jamboree
Last year I attended as a paying customer...this year I helped out as a guide. Still had time to take a few pics though!
40 Photos, 800x600

March 31st, 2001 - Dirty Dozen Run at Paragon
A one-day trailride held at Paragon, put together by "The Dirty Dozens". An internet based group of trail-riding enthusiasts. A first class operation all the way around!
109 Photos, 800x600

March 18th, 2001 - Trail Work Day at Paragon
Cutting a new 5-6 rated trail.
6 Photos

Feb 17th, 2001 - Trail Work Day at Paragon
Cutting a bypass around "Pucker Hill"
9 Photos, 1600x1200

Jan 6th, 2001 - Ned's Run at Paragon
About 10 of us got together for a day's run at Paragon in the Snow. Just a few pictures courtesy of our trailguide Lynn.
7 Photos, 800x600

Nov '00 - BMJA Turkey Run
Paragon Adventure Park - Hazelton, PA
Jeepin' - Turkey Dinner - More Jeepin'
6 Photos, 800x600

Oct '00 - OK4wd Fall Krawl 2000
Catskill Mtns - Monticello, NY
26 Photos, 800x600

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